Responsive, Bold Designs

We have crafted all pages to bring that beautiful, aesthetic look you all love to see, full of bold designs and suitable color palletes, giving us an edge over other systems out there. Our layout designs look good on tablets, PCs, and Mobile Phones! So, in case your budget does not allow for you to purchase our feature-rich mobile app, you can rest assured your visitors will never be disappointed when viewing it online!


Lines of Code


User/Role Management


Sites Deployed


Trusted Clients

A Stunning product, with stunning themes

We have gone a step further into ensuring your visitors never get bored of visiting your website. With just a matter of seconds, you can swap a theme with one from our marketplace, and generate more traffic to your site! Any stunning website needs constant UI development, don't you agree? (If not, checkout Google and Apple's websites; they are always pushing changes to maintain their top positions!)

without these guys, we wouldn't be here

Did you know this system also supports plugins?
Go ahead and check them out!

Our system has been carefully structured to support widgets and plugins, just like it is over at WordPress!
Widgets bring about added user experience to the site while offering more insights about the site.
For instance, we have a widget for displaying available orders, organized according to fields/subjects, and their cummulative totals to writers. Awesome right?


Information we Fetch from our Product

To enable system update notifications and the overall user-experience improvements to the site, we take the product's current version, code name, and url.

With this information, you get to be notified on new updates to the system, security improvements, and UI enhancements. Also, with this information, we get to give you insights on what areas you should strive to enhance for a larger traffic to your site.

Information we do NOT take from the Product

Of course, any emails entered in your site! 
But how can we, or you, prove this? In case you are behind CloudFlare's firewall, you do not have to worry; they protect emails by default. 

In case you are not protected by any firewall (we highly discourage this. Black Hat Hackers keep getting better day by day!), come, we'll show you we do not take any data whatsoever if not the site's version, code name, and the url!

Guaranteed Levels of Protection

In case you have your own server or VPS for that matter, we will advise you on the best firewalls and antivirus software to safeguard your product. The product itself is impenetratable, trust us! (Well, unless you use one password online!)  

We can also recommend a third-party service that filters all requests coming and going from your site. We can fuse this into your product to add to the security layers already provided.

If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture!
~Brian Foote